Children at the Library


WELCOME! The Joslin Library has a wonderful children’s room which serves a wide array of interests and ages.  Our children’s Librarian, Anna, has developed lots of fun programming to engage children and encourage a life long love of reading and learning.

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REMINDER: The library will be closed this Monday for New Year’s Day.  Story hour will resume the following Monday, 1/8, when we’ll try to ward off this cold weather by reading about and playing with wool!


Our Library Bear staying cozy courtesy of a fleece from Kezar, a sheep at  Knoll Farm





Sundays at 3:30 PM during the school year

Join us every Sunday for a lively and fun card game.  Magic is a tradable card game (TCG) where you build your collection of cards by trading with your friends, assembling decks of cards, and battling against an opponent and their deck. You cast powerful spells and summon monstrous creatures aiming to knock your opponent down from 20 life to zero. The game is constantly changing as new cards are released throughout the year. As you get new cards, whether from these new sets or through trading with your friends, you can continuously update your decks and discover a whole new game!




terrible two2017 Dorothy Canfield Fisher Book Award is The Terrible Two by Jory John and Mac Barnett!

Miles Murphy is not happy to be moving to Yawnee Valley, a sleepy town that’s famous for one thing and one thing only: cows. In his old school, everyone knew him as the town’s best prankster, but Miles quickly discovers that Yawnee Valley already has a prankster, and a great one. If Miles is going to take the title from this mystery kid, he is going to have to raise his game.

It’s prankster against prankster in an epic war of trickery, until the two finally decide to join forces and pull off the biggest prank ever seen: a prank so huge that it would make the members of the International Order of Disorder proud.

In The Terrible Two, bestselling authors and friends Mac Barnett and Jory John have created a series that has its roots in classic middle-grade literature yet feels fresh and new at the same time.

These awards are chosen by children and young adults from across the state. 

Dorothy’s List 2017-2018 has been announced!

For a full list including a fun checklist to print click HERE! We currently have all these books in the library’s collection. Can you read them all?



Here are some links to podcasts and external websites that we think are great!  Have a recommendation for us?  Email and let us know!

100 Great Children’s Books | 100 YearsImage result for story noryala-logobutwhy.pngkhan-logo-vertical-transparentBookwormbookworm banner


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